Sunday, September 04, 2005

Baby Crack

Yes, I admit. My child is hooked. She is an addict. At the age of four months she has already developed a habit...For Baby Einstein.

I wonder if the feds are aware of the smack that Julie Aigner-Clark is peddling to our newborns (and their parents!) She is creating thousands of users each day. She has sucked in my little girl.

I don't know what it is about the Baby Einstein line of products that is so special, but it is. It could be the vibrant colors, the elegant classical music or even the simple form and lines. Whatever the culprit, it works. Aveline seems to love anything sporting that tousled-haired child with the nerdy glasses. Most of the products emphasize teaching the basics using cultural tools. Colors are taught using masterpiece paintings. Shapes come with a Mozart infused soundtrack. Different languages are used to explain simple objects. All this smart stuff can't be bad.

Aunt Sarah bought her the 15 pack of educational DVD's. She is transfixed while viewing them. We have a set of soft colored blocks which she stares at intently. Today Dan brought home the Discovery and Play Activity Center and she has been squealing ever since. This was a large purchase for us, but luckily we saved 30% over normal retail by playing our cards right. I am glad we got it.

Baby Einstein products provide a simple way to stimulate your child's ever-developing brain. They can also provide brief glimpses of peace to save parental sanity. I am guilty of popping in the Baby Beethoven DVD so I can cook dinner or finish ironing. She loves it. And I love the fact that she is being exposed to culture in a sneaky way.


Laura said...

Yea! Congrats on the activity center for Aveline... it looks like she loves it! :)

Husband said...

What my wife didn't mention was that the playset was built by her favorite meijer! You too can enjoy this playset now on sale at your favorite meijer store.

Lauren said...

There is nothing wrong with using a movie to keep your child entertained for a while. I do it with Owen while cleaning or cooking or even when I need to get his attention away from doing mischevious deeds!

Kelly said...

Way to bargin shop! She will love it!!