Monday, September 05, 2005

What's All the Fuss About?

The last few days Aveline has learned a new sound... the whine. She almost sounds like a small puppy that has been abandoned. She uses this new sound whenever I leave her sight, which is not hard to do in our house. We have a colonial which does not have a very open floor plan. If I trek to the kitchen to do some dishes, she loses sight of me immediately. That is when the whining starts. As soon as I reenter the living room, she smiles and is fine.

In addition to the whining, she has begun to fuss more than she normally does. This just started yesterday. She has wanted to be held constantly the last few days. She must need reassurance about something. Sometimes I worry that I am spoiling her by holding her. I can't see how I am. If she needs me, I don't want to deny her that need. She will only be little for a microsecond. I want to snuggle her as much as possible!

The fussing and the whining have definitely grated on my nerves the last few days. I am completely spoiled as a parent, as she rarely cries, sleeps 12 hours each night and is generally happy. I guess and am hoping that this is just a phase brought on by a growth spurt or my increase in work hours. I'm sure once she gets used to the change everything will be fine again and I can go back to thinking I have the best baby in the world, just like every other mom.


Rae Ann said...

I hope she's okay and not coming down with something. It's so much easier when kids can tell us what's bothering them. She's a sweetie though!

Lauren said...

Keep an eye on her. Owen only does that when he is getting sick.

Kelly said...

She's not going to make that face when I watch her, is she? Just kidding!! I can't wait till the 17th!