Monday, September 26, 2005

Coming in for a Landing

Dan loves airplanes. Growing up, he wanted to be a fighter pilot. He would scan the skies with his brother for glimpses of jets skimming the horizon. The worst day of his young life, as he regales, is the day he had to get glasses because he knew he could never be a top gun. Since then, he and his brother continue to marvel at the mechanical birds. Flight simulators, air shows and the Discovery channel have kept these two afoot of the fancy of flight.

Today, Dan found a game that Aveline loves. Since he isn't able to fly Tomcats, he uses the next best thing, his daughter. He goes through preflight checks, narrates take off action and swoops her around the house, complete with corresponding sound effects. The game ends when he starts to go through his landing speech and gently places her on the floor. I caught a picture of our new frequent flyer today.


Laura said...

LOL... I'm sure Josh will being the SAME thing with Isaac.

kelly said...

How fun!!!

Assorted Babble by Suzie said...

So cute, came over from Rae Ann's site! (smiling)