Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Accident

I was doing my 8pm pumping last night, catching up on a Law and Order. (Yes I am an addict.) Elvis loped into the living room and stood three feet from my chair. He patiently looked at me, shifting his weight amongst his paws. I greeted him and turned my attention back to the tv. Elvis let out a soft garbled whine. He must have to go outside. I was just finishing up, so I told him just a second, fully intending to let him out once I concluded my session. Then the show got interesting and I forgot about the dog.

I went to the kitchen to put my pumping supplies away, and there stood Elvis. Oh yeah. I let him out, and he came back pretty quickly. I contemplated how strange that was. Oh well. Back to Law and Order.

I went to bed early. Got up the next morning and headed to the kitchen to get my pumping equipment. I pumped. I got Aveline up. I went back to the kitchen to throw her dirty diaper away and that is when I smelled it. Yes. It. Under our dining room table were two piles of dog poop. One was much runnier than the other one.

Crap. I hate the smell of dog poop. Elvis must not have waited for me. He is such a good dog. He lets us know if he needs to go out each time. Why didn't I just stop pumping and let him out. I thought about letting Dan clean it up when he got home, but it was my fault, therefore my problem. I put Ava in her exersaucer and returned to the kitchen to get the paper towels, a bag and some spray cleaner. Thank goodness we have hardwood floors.


kelly said...

I hate that smell too...be glad you don't have carpet!!!

Rae Ann said...

Oh, I know what you mean! We got those two puppies and I was having to clean up after them. They're getting better now though, thankfully!