Sunday, December 04, 2005

Swiffer Baby

A few weeks ago I first caught Aveline slumming under the couch. It was then that I realized the enormus potential for kinder-cleaning. I postulated that if I could attach Swiffer cloths to her belly and knees, my hardwood floors would be forever free of hairball hares. It seems I was not the only housework challenged mother with an explorative tot. I came across this on Dread Pirate Robert's site. Back to the inventive drawing board!


kelly said...

Not sure how I missed this post! I LOVE IT!!!! Where did you find the pics???

Rae Ann said...

LOL, that's great!

Nadia said...

lmao - that is great! ingenious- I must say. But I'm sorry your idea turned out not to be completely original!

Brenda said...

Great idea!!! Keep thinking--you'll come up with an original! Your blog is always great to read. I love it. You are a tremendous writer. Need to publish a book Kristi. You have the talent! Love the pictures. Keep 'em coming.

Love, Brenda

carrie said...

how cool!

Very_Vera said...

Now I know a fun way to clean my house and get my baby involved!
Great post!