Sunday, January 29, 2006

9 Month Check-Up

We visited our favorite pediatrician last week to ensure our precious girl is doing well and to get our periodic parental pat on the back. As a new parent, I can tell you that few thing are better to hear than an "expert" telling you that your child is perfect. It is the crumb of reassurance for which Dan and I hunger. There is just so much doubt.

I was mentally prepared for the inevitable vaccinations that come at the end. The doctors are smart and have the nurses administer the shots at the end of the visit. To our surprise, none were scheduled for this visit. Dr. Hein assured us that he would more than make up for it at her yearly check up though.

Basic news from our check up. Mmmm. Let's see. We have a really tall, skinny, smart, busy, big-noggined child.


Height: 70th (28 inches)
Head Circumference: 95th
Weight: 20th (16lbs 12oz)

Let's face it: She has the contour of a lollipop at this point.

She got the tall from Dan. The big head too. We are still questioning from whom she received this skinny gene though. Obviously a really latent recessive trait. Maybe she found our family's holy grail...a fast metabolism!

He said he had no concerns about her weight, especially after viewing the hurricane known as Aveline. I think I saw him stumbling out the door. I know I got dizzy watching her zoom around the exam room. Busy babies tend to plateau a bit in the weight department when they become mobile. Whew. I thought I was going to have to tie her down and start spoon feeding her butter!

Developmentally, he was impressed. She put on quite a show during our half hour. Crawling, cruising, babbling, pulling up, pincer grasp, clapping, dancing, flirting and smiling. He called her quite the social girl.

Overall, he told us we were doing great. He mentioned several times that she was the happiest baby. I was a bit disappointed that she did not gain more weight. She always looks so tiny compared to other babies her age. I guess she gets more exercise than the other babies. I have heard rumors of babies who sit. Still. Not my girl. She is as busy as they come! Oh, well. Maybe we can shoot for 20lbs at the next visit.


Christina said...

Sounds like it was a great visit!

Cordelia is tall and has a big noggin too - she's somewhere around 120% for head size (off the charts).

But she's much more, um, "stout" than Aveline. Cordelia hit the 20 pound mark just before 5 months old.

Joel & Jamie said...

Great update. Wow 9 months already. Where does the time go. No worries on her weight, she looks perfect to me. What a beauty!!!

kelly said...

I'm so glad her exam went well! NO SHOTS!!! Did she find her fish?

Laura said...

Hey... sounds like Aveline is doing well. We go for Isaac's 2 month appt. in 2 weeks and I am NOT looking forward the shots. I'm so glad Aveline got a good report. Don't worry about the weight. She's a happy and healthy little girl. :)