Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Jack's Big Music Show

We are very selective about what Aveline gets to watch on TV. We allow Sesame Street, as it is an entertaining classic. Baby Einstein is a must as well. Beyond that, I have not exposed her to much else. Especially not Barney, or Teletubbies, two I cannot stomach. Tivo found this great show for us this last week that has passed my stringent screening. Aveline and I watched it, and loved it!

Lately, Aveline has become very interested in music. She claps and dances whenever she hears a beat. Jack's Big Music Show is wholly dedicated to building musical appreciation and skills in toddlers. It has catchy tunes, humor and the cutest characters. The entire show is set in Jack's clubhouse, where he, Mary and his dog Mel (my absolute favorite!!!) use their imaginations to create music and play. Each episode also features psuedo music videos of the hottest kiddie music stars. The songs are catching and infectious. I caught Dan humming "I'm Gonna Get You" by the Laurie Berkner Band just the other day. Along with live guests, the gang also welcomes visits from the Schwartzman Quartet, fresh-faced harmonizing puppets armed with a song to solve a problem. They are fantastic.

This show is on Noggin, a commercial free channel that dedicates its daytime hours to preschoolers and toddlers. Jack's Show is also new, making its debut in September, so there are few episodes produced to date. You may have to bear through "Bongo Bird" or "Space Opera" reruns a few times, but you won't be sorry. The music and comedy are just that good!


Lauren said...

Kelsey said she likes that show to. Mom always has noggin playing. I heard Ava was just adoribla this last weekend. We will have to make plans to come visit.

Joel & Jamie said...

Cheyanna like to watch that show too. She loves puppets.