Monday, January 02, 2006

Touchdown Jesus

Say the phrase "Touchdown Jesus" and most folks will conjure up the famous mural that adorns Notre Dame's Stadium. I have only seen that icon once. I'm much more familiar with southwest Ohio's version of the gridiron idol. During my commute each day, I pass the image on the right, often given the same nickname. Some faithful swear that this statue has watched over the stretch of I-75, making it much safer. It is quite a spectacle, just to the east of the highway.


Joel & Jamie said...

Wow great picture

Christina said...

Bwahahaha! I pass that creepy statue all the time on my drive down to Oxford!

You must check out - it's a collection of pics of Touchdown Jesus with some interesting photoshop effects.

JollyRoger said...

I used to pass by Styro-Jesus a lot myself.

He was particularly scary when he had stumps where his hands are now. He was like that quite awhile.

It's too bad most of this blog's readers will never get the chance to watch Reverend Lawrence Bishop's commercials, with his "Amen!" screeching horse, or his Tammy Faye wannabe wife.

Some perspective is probably also in order.

Jesus welcomes you into an area notorious for trysts with truckers, the site of a former (and future) strip club, a Hustler store, and a proposed Indian gambling casino.

Rae Ann said...

I had no idea! How funny!