Monday, January 02, 2006

Victorious Buckeyes!

So after four hours of reading swear words from Charlie Weiss's lips, we finally have a winner! Sorry Charlie. Your filthy mouth was not able to sweet talk a victory from the Buckeyes. Notre Dame played well in the third quarter, but that was about it. I was very impressed with Troy Smith's play. Wow. I'm calling a legitimate Heisman run for next year. Teddy Ginn showed more maturity in the game. Our offense is back! Finally. If only we could replay Texas and Penn State now.

I'm glad to see these seniors leave the university with a win. We will definitely miss them.

Next year will be a whopper. I can not wait! Hopefully Dan, Aveline and I will get to visit Joel, Jamie and Cheyanna for the title game next year!


Uncle Crappy said...

You beat me to the Troy Smith-For-Heisman Bandwagon by about 30 minutes. Wow.

Joel & Jamie said...

That would be awesome!!! Come see US!!!

Guru said...

Troy Smith was awesome and he has to be a serious frontrunner for next year.

He has always been a leader to the players, but I like how he has become such a leader that the coaches are really respecting him, too.