Wednesday, April 26, 2006

One Year Checkup

Amidst all of the sickness, we did get to visit our pediatrician for something not rotavirus related. Aveline's one year check up had been scheduled for Monday morning. Rather than cancel it, we kept the appointment but delayed the shots. Once she is feeling better, I'll take her in to be stuck. Life sucks, doesn't it?

Dr. Hein, or favorite moppish, spunky pediatrician, was again impressed with her development. She is still tall and thin, two traits whose origin baffles both Dan and I. She weighed in at 19 pounds 4 ounces, which is only the 20th percentile. Dr. Hein was not concerned since she has consistently stayed in this range since she was born and is a very busy baby. I was impressed that she weighed this much given the vomiting and diarrhea. Two weeks ago she was a paltry 18 pounds even. Mama's home cooking at work. For the weight gain, not the diarrhea. Her height remained in the 85th percentile at 30.5 inches, while we made some strides in the noggin department. She dropped down to the 80th percentile in head circumference. Yeah! I still have the lollipop baby, but that is fine with me.

The only unfavorable thing to come from the visit was the realization that her nasty ear infection was still hanging on. He pulled out the MOAB of antibiotics to battle this tenacious bacteria, some amoxicillin infused stuff. Let's hope this is it.

He looked over her labs from the urgent care visit and reassured us that we were doing everything correctly to battle the rotavirus. He wished us luck and bid us farewell.


Joel & Jamie said...

I hope her ear infection goes away soon, poor thing.

Boy she is a tall girl 30.5 inchs. I cannot wait to see her in this summer, last time she was only 3 months old, my how time flies.

Laura said...

Tall and stocky here. LOL

Isaac, that is (Oh, wait... actually, all three of us.).