Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Our Weekend

Aveline and I were fortunate enough to travel north to visit my family during the weekend. It was our first trip with the new van. I can't believe I ever travelled in the Cav. All of our luggage fit behind the third row of seats. Elvis lounged in the third row, pressing his nose on both side windows. I cracked them so he could get some air. Aveline was parked right behind me in her carseat. She is forward facing now, so she enjoys looking out the windows. She mostly slept. We could have taken at least two more people with us more than comfortably.

During our time at home, we ate. A LOT. My parents always make huge meals when I visit. I know I don't look as if I am starving. Maybe Aveline's physique is prompting the feasts. Either way, I'm not complaining. We had steak, fresh salad with veggies from the garden, wild morel mushrooms, slow grilled BBQ chicken, banana split dessert and hot rolls, just to name a few items from this weekend's menu. I had only gained one pound this last month. I think I gained five this last weekend.

Along with the food, we visited family. We attended a small town's Memorial Day parade with my sister and her family. It was probably only 5 minutes in length, but we took home a pile of candy. My neice was averaging about 8 pieces per minute. Aveline liked the marching band, the flags and the fire trucks. She even waved at some people.


Joel & Jamie said...

Sounds like a good time down on the farm.

Guru said...

Glad you had a good time. There is nothing like eating some home cooking. I need to get back to PA to get some of my family's cooking soon so I can get my eat on!