Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sailor Girl and Reshuffled Priorities

During this past week, a very close friend of ours passed away suddenly. We both scrambled to take off work in order to attend the services and visit with his family. This unfortunate event gave us something we had not had in awhile...time together. The circumstances have forced us to reevaluate our priorities and the decisions we make. We both agreed that we needed to make what was important to us, family and friends, a priority.

Dan's father lives just 20 minutes north of where the services were to take place, so we asked (read: invited ourselves) to stay there. We definitely had a great time visiting with Mike and Brenda and were grateful they chose to babysit Aveline during the services.

Mike and Brenda bought a home on a lake during the past year. Since then, Mike has become the captain of a very well-traveled pontoon boat. They love to take anyone who stops by on a quick tour of the scenic lake. They especially love taking their grandchildren. While we were at the funeral, Mike and Brenda took Aveline on a boat ride along with Dan's sister Heather and her daughter Isabella. Aveline LOVED the boat, perching herself at the front of the ship, the wind whipping her curls. I admit I was a bit surprised. When we returned, Mike and Brenda regaled us with stories of delight from our daughter's first boating experience. We wanted to see the joy ourselves, so we took a ride. Aveline looked very serious in her life jacket and walked very well on the boat. She was most interested in the control panel and opted to crawl into Grandpa's lap to help him navigate.


Joel & Jamie said...

What a sweetie!!

kelly said...

I'm glad you were able to make it up, I know it meant a lot to the Cortez family. Mom said she had a great time with you guys too!

SMAC said...

I am sorry that you had to visit under sad circumstances. It looks like Aveline had a great time. we miss you guys and are looking forward to some time together in July :)