Thursday, June 15, 2006

Baby Bongo Bird

Aveline loves to watch a tv show called Jack's Big Music Show on Noggin. One episode is entitled "Baby Bongo Bird" and focuses on a baby bird that hatches in the clubhouse and needs to find his mommy. The way he communicates is using a bongo, hence the name. The show features loads of music including a particularly jazzy number in the middle.

Aveline has always been in tune with music. It soothed her when she was very small, even in the womb. She also began dancing to it as soon as she could stand. I can't say we were entirely surprised today when we witnessed the latest musical interest. We are just amazed because she isn't even 14 months old!!! She is so smart, it is scary.

I was getting ready for work and Dan had just punched in as the primary caregiver for the afternoon. He put Jack's on while he had a snack. As I was tying my tie, I noticed Aveline grab the tupperware container from her basket. I sacrificed a few kitchen items for her entertainment. She took the bin and settled herself in front of the television. During this time, the bongo bird was playing his drum during a jazz song. She began to imitate him and play her "drum." Dan and I were stunned. Check out this video...


Laura said...

What a smart little peanut!

Isaac and I love the Bongo bird song, too. :)

Joel & Jamie said...

She sure is a smarty pants!!

Ooh, can't wait to give her a squeeze!!!

josh said...

Baby bongo Aveline.

Christina said...

I love that episode!! We have it Tivo'd, and I put it on for Cordy at least twice a week.

Go Aveline - bang your drum!