Monday, June 12, 2006

Third Trimester!!!!

Ok. Time can slow down now! Please. Um, hello! Really. Just hit pause or something.....

I can't believe we are in the final third of the pregnancy. I feel like I just peed on a stick yesterday.


I am still feeling great. Aveline definitely gives me almost all of the exercise I can handle right now. I am usually chasing her or retrieving her from some precarious perch she climbs into. She is also putting on some weight (just like her cute!) so I know I am getting some weight training in as well.

I am working only 2-3 nights a week. These are the days I feel like a cement truck has steamrolled over me. My back is the biggest complaint. Oi. My feet are starting to swell a bit. Not much though. I still have fairly well defined ankles, but I'm sure they will be blending in with my calves soon enough. My blood pressure is starting to inch up again. It had been well under control during the last few months. Let's just hope it stays down so I don't have to. I have too much to do before September!


Laura said...

You are my hero. I can't imagine being prego and chasing these little monsters too. I only know how to be
A. Knocked up doing nothing but worrying.
B. Nuts with twins and worrying when I have time.

I can't imagine a gray area where I am busy gestating AND chasing.

Joel & Jamie said...

Wow!! thrird tri already!! This pg seems to be going a lot quicker, Huh!!

josh said...

Happy Birthday Dan!

Jessica said...

I love the fact that my boys are as close in age as they are (21 months), but I don't think that I would do them as close again. Maybe it is different with girls. Who knows? I am sure that you guys will be fine. After all, it is not until the second is mobile that you really start to have any real chaos. Just kidding (sort of)!

Just remember to cherish every moment, since it goes way too fast!