Saturday, July 08, 2006

Guess Who Woke Me up at 4 am Today?

No, it wasn't usual suspect number one, performing acrobatic stunts thanks to my ever shrinking, ever elastic trampoline of a bladder. Nor was it culprit two, needing cuddling from a nightmare. It was the rare, fur-covered third child.

I heard his desparate whines coming from downstairs, as he will NOT venture up to save his soul. Going upstairs means bath, and bath is the darkest evil known to canines. So he stood at the bottom landing, whimpering, legs crossed and dancing at the same time.

Once I realized it was Elvis who needed the mid night attention, I shot out of bed, not wanting to relive the putrid penalty of not answering nature's call, as I had in the past. I descended the stairs to the delight of my poo-filled pooch, and stumbled to the back door to let him out. I'm glad we've potty trained our dog, lets just hope the babies will be as easy.


Elvis said...

Thank you, I couldn't have held out much longer

Laura said...

Yay Elvis!! (Yay bladder/intestines of steel!)

Homer has been REALLY bad lately. He can't make it more than 4 hours during the night. If we put him outside for the night.. then he just whines like crazy. Argh!

The Wager Witch said...

That is one beautiful Dog!

And the ultrasound is awesome!

Good Luck and may the rest of the pregnancy go smoothly.

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Antonette said...

OMG that dog's face is the cutest thing I've seen in a very long time.