Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hammock Rides and Funneling

I have a feeling that The Deuce will be the pain in my side that I was for my mother.

At our ultrasound today, we were surprised to find that she is now lying in a TRANSVERSE position. Imagine if I held a mini baby hammock across my front, with an end in each hand. She's relaxing there in the middle, margarita in hand. I think I may have celebrated her head down migration last week too soon. She's obviously on vacation and wants nothing to do with any of this birthing stuff.

I also found out that I have what they call funneling going on near my cervix. Think of my cervix as a bathtub drain and the amniotic fluid as dirty bath water. It is not escaping, since my cervix is sealed yet, but is starting to open. This little fun fact earned me my first internal exam today. Dr. Narendran said that I am not dialated and that she is not worried. If I was only 23 weeks along rather than 33 weeks, she would be concerned and I would be stuck in the hospital on strict bedrest. I guess at 33 weeks, the drain needs to start opening.

Other than those minor transgressions, I guess everything is going well. My bp was a bit higher than last time, but still below the danger zone. I only gained a pound (small miracle considering the discovery of a Hostess thrift shop in our gotta love cheap Twinkies!!!) All in all, she said keep doing what I'm doing (scarfing Twinkies?) and that she would see me next week.


Omni said...

I hope you'll have a wonderful rest of your pregnancy and a healthy, happy baby!! xo

Jamie said...

Max in relax deucey, just be ready when the time comes.

You'll have plenty of time to give your Mom a hard time. LOL.

We have a hostess place here too, i have always go there to late things are stale. Nothin like staleness to curb your appitite (sp). LOL

Josh said...

Maybe she is holding out for the hostess treats. She figures, hey everythings fine and I get twinkies. I would probably stay too. (in your Homer voice) yuummmm, twinkies.

Laura said...

Funneling... ahh yes.. brings back good memories. SO glad that things aren't serious.

SO.,,, how long have you had a twinkie shop in your town??? Huh?? Huh? Friends tell friends about things like that!!! :)

Guru said...

I love Hostess Thrift Stores. 2, 3, or even 4 for a dollar snack cakes are good eating!!!!