Friday, July 21, 2006

Y ipes! Where have I been????

Sorry for the lack of posts. I sat down to blog on Tuesday, after I put Aveline to bed, and wouldn't you know that Blogger was down for maintenance. Grrrr. Wednesday I was recovering from the Niagara Falls of nosebleeds then out with the girls. Yesterday was my doctors appointment followed by my penultimate night of work until after Thanksgiving. Dan's also been home since Wednesday, so computer time has been at a premium.

I will post more tonight. Time for dishes and kitchen duty.

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Jamie said...

I posted a comment earlier, where o where did my comment go??

Anyway, I said I read about the fun you had on your Mommies night out at a Mommy Story blog.

If I didn't live in AZ I would love to join your group.