Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Vertex!!! Woo HOO!

I know. It seems like every third post or so is about my ob/gyn appointment. Believe me, it feels like I live there. I guess when they consider you "high risk" you get the pleasure of a weekly pilgrimage to their hallowed offices.

The Deuce has returned herself to a vertex or head down position, which is good. She is still facing forward, which, from what my mother has told me every time the subject arises, is how I presented and that I was a pain in her ass before I was born. I guess it is terribly painful to deliver a baby in this position. Um, when do I get my epidural?

The baby is doing well. She is estimated to weigh 5 pounds 13 ounces right now. From here until delivery, she should gain roughly half a pound a week. I put on the standard pound this week and my blood pressure was on its best behavior. During my pregnancy with Aveline, I was forced into bedrest by this time due to my unruly blood pressure. Thank goodness things are going well this time.

I think the most exciting news is that my Doc is not going to let go much past my due date. In fact, she mentioned inducing me on September 8th if I have not yet delivered. I guess, due to various high risk factors, she wants to make sure we both come out of this thing as healthy as possible. I don't necessarily want to be induced again. The pitocin creates relentless, horrific contractions. I would much prefer to let nature run its course. However, I am not stupid and don't want my child's health to suffer due to my obstinate nature.. I do follow doctors' advice, after contemplation, of course. They have the medical degree, not me.


Jamie said...

Sounds like everything is going great.

Lauren said...

September 8th sounds perfect!!!!

Laura said...

Thank goodness... so glad your pregnancy is going well. :)