Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Bearcats and our Family's First Buckeye Day

Scarlett's reaction to first half.
By now, I'm sure you know that Ohio State eventually easily beat the visiting Cincinnati Bearcats. I have to say through the first two quarters, I was a bit peeved. I never thought the game was in jeopardy. Come on, it's Cincinnati. I was mostly disturbed that the Buckeyes were showing a human side. They were unable to keep the level of intensity up for a mediocre opponent. They played to the level of the team they were facing, a problem that has plagued this team for years. I know it is probably difficult to play with a driven fire week in and week out, but that is what I want to see. I'm probably not alone. But, alas, I nitpick. Aveline and Elvis looking for a treat after a touchdown.

Despite the lukewarm win, we enjoyed our first Buckeye Day as a complete family. Each year, only 12-13 days are worthy of being called a Buckeye Day. On these cherished days, we do certain things to prepare and enjoy the climax of the day: the viewing of the Ohio State football game. Each of us wore our Ohio State gear and I sang different Ohio State songs to the girls. We watched the game, yelling at the refs and gawking at incredible plays. We ate hot wings and I even had a beer, something I sort of remember enjoying last during our rout of the Irish. Elvis got his traditional treats when the Buckeyes scored or forced a turnover and Aveline even got treats...cheese and turkey. She liked watching Elvis high five after a good play, but wouldn't perform the act herself no matter how much we coaxed her.

All in all, it was a great day. I hope we can keep the tradition of Buckeye Day in our household for many years to come.
Aveline filling Scarlett in on important Buckeye traditions.


Jamie said...

Awe!!! What a fun family tradition!!!

Love that last pic of the girls, so sweet!!

Emily said...

love the last picture, so precious

Kate said...

Nothing like the Buckeyes to bring family and beer together...LOL. The pics are great. I suppose I should get my sons their own Buckeye gear before the season is over.

Laura said...

Yes,, agree with Em. That one is worth framing!!