Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Music Maker

A few days ago, Dan ventured into our basement to find something new with which Aveline could play. This last week has been very hard on our toddler tyrant, what with a new empress in town. That morning, after the fifty-seventh tantrum-like event stemming from thin air, Dan had enough. Something had to change.

He returned upstairs with my old, sticker-clad Yamaha keyboard. This had been a Christmas gift for my sisters and I when we were younger, probably the late 1980's. I don't know how I ended up with the music box. I occasionally pull it out and see if I can still coax a nearly recognizable melody from it. By this time, I had forgotten about the synthesizer.

Dan said he chose it because it had lots of buttons. Aveline is borderline obsessive compulsive disorder when it comes to buttons and holes. She MUST push every button she sees or poke her finger in every hole. (Ask Elvis sometime about his experience with the latter...we may have a budding proctologist in our proxy!) I think Dan also thought it looked pretty cool. He scavenged the house for a twelve volt adapter, robbing our Swiffer of its, and plugged it in. Aveline was immediately intrigued. She crawled up into Dan's lap and played "music" with him for nearly an hour. Since then, she loves to push the buttons, whether it is on or not. It really is a Godsend when I need to pump or feed the baby. Maybe this will spark some musical curiousity in her. We'll see!


Jamie said...

Chey hasn't done it yet, but I have seen her attempts in protology.

Poor Sheba (the sweet gray kitty), I bet she wonders why she gets picked on by everyone.

Joel said...

She'll be playing classical piano before you know it.