Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Leather Be Light

These days, I find my self stumbling towards the bathroom in the dark quite often. Last night, on one of nearly a half dozen potty pilgrimages, I stubbed my toe on a laundry basket that wasn't where it was supposed to be. As I seethed on the toilet, I realized I could have prevented this situation with one thing... a little light.

Five and a half years ago, I seemed to be stumbling through the darkness of my life. I dated awful men, made terrible decisions and had little purpose. I was stubbing my toe on every misplace laundry basket life could toss my way. It took something blind to open my eyes and bring light into my world.

Jill, my sister, called me one April afternoon with a proposal I usually would have refused: a blind date. She had met a new employee at the school where she worked who had a step son who seemed perfect for me. She bragged up his intelligence, good looks and burliness trying to sway my decision. I hesitated. She lived over two hours away. If we did hit it off, how feasible would a long distance relationship be? Do I want to work that hard? About to decline her request, I realized that my toe hurt. That I was tired of the dark world in which I was living, and a meek "Okay" escaped my lips. My mind and soul knew I needed a change.

We set up a time to meet. Jill handled all of the details. She and her fiancee would join us along with his father and step mother at a little restaurant Jill lived above in McComb, Ohio. I remember trying hard not to look too excited as I waited with my family at the table. Something felt good about this blind hallway I was entering, like the path was free and clear. His family arrived, without him. Introductions were made. I stared at his father. Would he look like him?

Five more tortuous minutes passed. I began doubting my decision to attend. What if he was a loser? How could I face this entire night with him and his family? Can I change my mind now?

I buried my head in the menu, hoping to hide any evidence that I was scared. As I mulled over which burger looked best, I heard his father say "Oh! There he is." My heart throbbing, I slowly lowered the menu and raised my eyes. Approaching was a stunningly handsome man, brandishing a maroon plaid short sleeve shirt that screamed office work. I blinked, quite a few times, as it felt almost uncomfortable. My eyes finally adjusted and everything was clear. I seemed to know. I was able to see. Someone turned the light on for me. That someone was Dan.

The rest of the night went very well, as some of you may have guessed. We waited a few weeks and had our first real date, alone. We spent the next couple years together, in the light. Three years ago today, I married my light. The only stumbling and toe stubbing for me now are from displaced baskets and stray baby toys I did not see, but not for lack of light.

Thank you, Dan, for bringing light into my life. I hope we have many more years together before the darkness comes.


Jamie said...

I am so happy for you two. I am also happy to have you for a sister in law!!

Happy Anniversary!!! Have a great one!!

Jon and Kelly said...

Make me cry! Happy Anniversary!!! We love you guys!

Laura said...

Happy Anniversary, Dan & Kristi!

P.S. I thought from the beginning of your post that it was going to be home renovations. Hee, hee! ;)

Christina said... sweet! Happy anniversary!

Grandma and Grandpa Wilhelm said...

Happy Anniversary to you--I believe if nothing else, you were the reason I was sent to Van Buren High School! I'm soooo glad I met Jill at work and soooo glad the two of you are happy together and count each other a blessing. We love you both (all) sooo much and rejoice with you on this happy occasion. God bless you always and always. (Kristi--you must write a book and send it in to be published. You are one of the best writers I have come across and I am a former English teacher and taught college writing!) You have the gift!!!! xxxxoooo Looking forward to seeing you SOON again!!!Can't wait to meet little Scarlet!!! Your blog entry made us both cry! Seeing you happy makes us happy...

loelsh said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great story!

SMAC said...

Kristi, Thanks for re-telling this story so well - I loved hearing details I hadn't heard before - you are an awesome storyteller - If you need an agent, proofreader or marketing/pr person someday for your super author career, I'm your woman! I cried too (and it's not pregnancy hormones!).
Dan & Kristi - Happy Anniversary! I'm blessed to be your sister. Here's to many more years together for you and more beautiful additions to your family.

Joel said...

Kristi, I thought you were going to tell us Brad Pitt was in McComb! Then I found out it was the Danimal! So glad you found happieness!!!