Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Preview

The Spread
Dan and I love to cook, almost as much as we love to eat! Since Dan's been back on day shift, we have been able to do more cooking together, like we once did early in our relationship. It has been so much fun! On Sunday, Dan and I roasted a turkey we had purchased during last Thanksgiving. It sounded delicious and we figured we could use the leftovers for meals during the week, taking some pressure off of me to cook. We prepared mashed potatoes, carrots, stuffing, gravy and a sixteen pound turkey. It was delicious. Even Aveline loved the fixings.

Now that a few days have passed, I can tell you that I may not be ready to have turkey again in any form until Aveline is thirty. We have eaten turkey fajitas, turkey salad, turkey sandwiches, turkey and noodles and my favorite, General Tso's Turkey. While it has been tasty, I am ready for some beef. Dan showing Aveline how to use a spoon.

On a side note, Dan and I noticed yesterday that we have both been so tired and sluggish. Looking back at what we have eaten lately, we are probably overdosing on tryptophan.

Aveline trying the spoon herself (yeah!!!)

Spoons also work well as teethers!


jamie said...

Boy, if you were tired before all that turkey I can only imagine how you felt after. LOL.

If that were are house I would have starved that week. I don't like turkey. Joel would have loved it and I'm sure our carnivor daughter would have gobbled ( pun intended) it up. LOL.

Way to go Aveline good job with the spoon.

Uncle Crappy said...

General Tso's turkey? Hm. Yeah. That actually sounds pretty good.

I'm looking forward to something similar on Friday. This is the first weekend since the start of football season that we're not driving to Columbus, so I'm celebrating by spending the day cooking the family spaghetti while I wait for the cable guy to show up. And I'm oddly happy about the prospect.

Uncle Crappy said...

Both the spaghetti and the improved cable service, that is.

Josh said...

My favorite turkey left over is "Hot Wings" turkey. Seriously, get some hot wings sauce or make it yourself. Place turkey in tupperware container, shake, enjoy. Tastes just like the chicken only bigger meatier bites.

You will be ready for Thanksgiving. I'm happy to hear that the work schedule has changed, for the better!

Em said...

does tryptophan work on toddlers?