Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Evel Knievel (with a Sippy Cup)

Aveline is a daredevil. Period. Since she was 10 months old she has been able to climb onto our couch and loveseat. From there she has escalated her behavior to scaling to the top of the couches, shimmying her way over the safety gate and standing in the windows. She loves to climb into or onto anything she can find. It is nerve wrecking trying to watch her. If I turn my back for a second, she is on top of something. I was pumping the other day and watched in shock as she pulled the bouncy seat over to the exersaucer. She used the seat to mount the exersaucer, which was merely a tool to climb over the gate into the pack and play. We had a little talk after that episode.

Her climbing is not the only thing that prematurely grays me. We can't forget her penchant for running, everywhere. Dan and I rarely put her down in public because she takes off. And she is fast. I took the duo solo to the pediatrician's office last week. I had to sign in, so Aveline was placed on the floor. Before I could catch up to her, she had made her way to the measurement located clear in the back of the office. When I got back to the desk, I squeezed her between my legs just to finish the paperwork. At home, she has found a way to climb onto the couch and ease herself down over the gate so she can run from the living room to the back door. Sometimes when I am cooking, I let her make laps back and forth. She giggles and laughs the entire time.

I realize that she is incredibly intelligent and spirited. She figures things out so quickly, that it is hard to keep ahead of her. It is definitely been a challenge to discipline her and keep her safe. I have a feeling it will always be.

Her new nickname is Avel Knievel.


Jamie said...

Seemly somewhat familar, must run in the family. LOL.

Hard not to watch and laugh as you see their little brains at work.

Maybe a stunt woman someday, keep up the good work Avel Knievel.

Kate said...

I like the nickname! That's funny. Kids can be so different. I've got a 10 month old that still doesn't feel like reaching for a toy across the floor, he would rather yell as loud as possible until either his older brother gets it for him or one of us.

Christina said...

It's funny, Cordy has never been a climber. I've been lucky with that. Although lately she's been more daring about trying to walk down stairs instead of scoot down stairs. That really scares me!

I love the pic of her climbing over the gate!

joel said...

maybe it's time to kid proof and take the gate down?

Jenifer said...

Yup.... sounds like my daughter. She would rather stand on top of her toy chest to try and reach the knick knacks on her bureau than actually play with the toys in it!