Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sweet Moment

Aveline woke up crying last night near midnight. She has four molars pushing through her swollen gums, causing her fits. After the tylenol drops with a milk chaser, she was reluctant to go back to bed. Being thoroughly exhausted, I brought her into my bed, hoping she would settle down by example. She thrashed around the bed for about five minutes before cuddling up next to me. I had been feigning sleep. She kissed my forehead with an audible smack of the lips and whispered "Nigh, Nigh." After a few minutes, she was calm enough to lay back down. She went to sleep without another peep.


Jamie said...

Awe so sweet!! Poor girl those molors hurt ):

Jenifer said...

Awwwwww.... don't you love moments like that. Each night when I put Paige to bed I say "Good night baby girl" and she replies "Good night baby Mommy"

I love it!