Friday, November 03, 2006

Sleeping Beauties

Sleep is back in our lives. Well, sort of.

Scarlett has been consistently sleeping 6-7 hours a night for a little more than a week now. Before it was a rare exception, now it seems to be the rule. She is flirting with sleeping longer, but her hearty appetite rouses her each morning. After a few ounces of the good stuff, she drifts back to sleep for another 3-4 hours. We are so close to a full, uninterrupted night of slumber I can taste it.

Aveline continues to fulfill her legacy as a Olympic-caliber champion sleeper. She approaches bed and nap times with a very professional demeanor, with no protest. She still sleeps eleven solid hours at night and 2-3 hours during her midday nap.

I strive to sleep more, but it rarely happens. Between caring for both sets of girls (pumping takes a lot out of me!) and managing a quasi-chaotic home, sleep often gets the shaft on my hierarchy of needs. I do try to sneak in a power nap if the naptimes (and stars, mind you) happen to align. But, more often than not, my beauty sleep comes with cream and a spoonful of sugar.


Jamie said...

That is so great, hopefully you will soon be getting your sleep too.

Christina said...

Oh, sleep! I'm glad they're sleeping well for you!

I can only hope baby #2 will be born with a love for sleep.

whymommy said...

Oh, she is beautiful. Just beautiful. And so is sleep for us moms ... hooray that your girls are sleeping so well!