Thursday, November 09, 2006

Two Months of Scarlett

As I looked at the calendar today, I blinked in disbelief. It was the ninth already. Where have the last two months gone? My vote is for the box marked "into thin air." Another theory I to which I subscribe is that time not only flies when you are having fun, but when you are trying to raise two very young children.

Scarlett's development seems to be right on track, from what I remember with Aveline. She is smiling, laughing, cooing and talking. She has great head control and chews on her fists when she can find them. She warms up to people rather quickly, treating them to her cooing/smiling show after only a few moments of embarrassing baby talk. She loves mobiles and toys. She also follows Aveline's movements very closely. This could be fascination or preservation.

She has a clear affection for the bottle, and its contents. She is a true eater. I am curious to see how much she has grown during her appointment Tuesday. I know we have retired all of her 0-3 month sleepers, opting for the longer, roomier 3-6 month sizes. When it comes to rolls, she rivals any bakery in town. She is loaded with them. I think she even has a third chin. This is very different from Aveline's scrawny chicken legs.

She is favoring her fathers looks, for now. And, knock on wood, her eyes are still blue. She has my eyes, ears and lips and Dan's nose, face shape and eyebrows. She has each of our chins, plus one of her own. Her thighs are definitely my fault.

All in all, she is growing well. She goes from slightly fussy to screaming very quickly, proving the beginnings of a quick temper. To counter that, she has a very quick and huge smile, often poking out her tongue at its peak. She is starting to organize her sleeping and waking times. At night, she sleeps a full 7-8 hours before waking to snack. Once finished, she snoozes for 3 more hours or so. She is starting to pull a morning and afternoon nap together as well. She has been sleeping in her crib now for a few weeks.

She loves her swing and bouncy chair. She also prefers to sit straight up when on our laps. She has to look at everything. She is not a huge fan of tummy time, but can lift her head from side to side and look forward. She definitely likes being close to someone.

The last two months have flown by. I have to remind myself constantly not to get too caught up in what needs to be done or I may miss all of these memorable days.


Laura said...

Oh, my... she's changed SO much! I love the new pictures and reading the updates. She's ADORABLE!!

Jamie said...

She has grown!! I can see a resemblance between her and Aveline a little more now.

She is definatly a cute, chunky monkey!!

Josh said...

Love the pictures!

Laura said...

I think you should keep her!

Wow. They change fast!

Grandma and Grandpa Wilhelm said...

To think we got to hold her within the first twelve hours of her birth! What a beauty!!! We have to say she is a precious one. Can't wait to hold her again. Time flies by so quickly. Enjoy your fun this weekend. GO BUCKS!

Christina said...

OH my gosh, look how big she is now! She's gorgeous!