Friday, December 15, 2006

Eligible to Continue

So karma must have felt guilty for dumping on me this week and decided to throw me a small bone. I just got an email from the company with which I had my telephone interview this week and they have deemed me "Eligible to be considered for the next phase of the hiring process." It sounds like interview purgatory to me, since I haven't necessarily been invited to the next phase yet. If I am chosen from the pool of candidates (the image of someone manipulating a toy crane at the arcade, snatching job seekers from a pile comes to mind) I will get to have a face to face interview. If that should happen, I will need to find a new suit, since I am still hauling a few souvenir pounds from my recent pregnancy. Shopping anxiety can kick in....NOW. Nothing stresses a new mom out more than having to face pre-pregnancy clothes. I may develop an ulcer since I haven't worn a business suit since before I was married. That's like three or four different layers of fat ago. Lane Bryant, here I come.


Jamie said...

We'll pray you get called in for that face to face interview. what kind of job are you looking at??

As for clothes shopping can't help ya here, right now it is also my worst nightmare.LOL

Kate said...

Well congrats on getting called back for the "next phase". I can totally know what you mean about that - I ahd 3 such phases when interviewing for my current job with 7 separate people. Good luck!

And I hear ya on the clothes. I am nowhere near my pre-prego weight and it sucks.