Monday, December 04, 2006

Just Strip Anywhere

Today, I changed my clothes 4 times.

I changed Aveline's 3 times .

Scarlett only required 2 costume changes.

The reasons?

Cheese sauce and ranch dressing. (Who knew they could make such fun finger paints?)

Spit up. (Curdled milk is no fun.)

Poop. (Not just from one daughter, but from both. Twice.)

A Quart of iced tea. (This one is mostly my fault.)

A full sippy cup of milk. (Once the valve dislodged, the firstborn thought it made a nice maraca.)

Mashed potatoes and gravy. (See Cheese sauce and ranch dressing.)

Urine. (Little boys aren't the only ones who can spray!)

I think I will need some more Oxyclean this week.


Kate said...

And here I thought only boys sprayed all over the place... Sorry I missed you Sat night! Hopefully we'll meet at the next blog-o-rific meeting!

Brenda said...

sounds about like my day too.

Hope your's is better tomorrow.

Jenifer said...

Don't you love having 2 little ones? I also love the fact that my 2 have apparently been communicating secretly to synchronize their poops, therefore requiring me to determine who takes priority in the diaper department. My son usually waits until just after his bath, and when i have just changed into my PJ's to projectile vomit all over both of us.... oh yeah....good times.