Sunday, December 03, 2006

New Name for the Blog

I am mulling over renaming the blog, especially since Scarlett joined our family. It will probably still be a mommy blog, since that is who I am. I guess it will not just be a mommy blog, because that is not all that I am.

Considering those things, I think I will leave the kiddos names out of the new title and try to find a more generic yet clever moniker.

If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them!


Laura said...

I wondered if/when you would change it! Hmm... no big ideas here. Why not "Life With Aveline and Scarlett?" If you have more cubs, that name could just keep growing, though. ;)

Anonymous incase these are dumb. said...

or "Kristi's Adventures & Cubbing"

Laura said...

Those Wild Wilhelms

Kristi's Kubs

Cubs N'More

Cubs R us

( Can you tell I have a theme running through my head??)

Some play on words with Whine/wine

Jamie said...

A tale of two girls

Through a Mom's eye's

Trouble and more Trouble (not always meaning the kids)

A mom's world