Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Twas the Day after Christmas

'Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house,
my children were puking, and so was my spouse.
My stockings had runs, and there's snot in my hair,
and I paused to consider when I last changed my pair.

Their cheeks and their noses glowed feverishly flush,
and strangely the room held an atypical hush.
The ailing, all scattered cross chair and cross couch,
managed only meek moans and an occasional "Ouch."

Cutouts and chocolates remained on their plate,
while tylenol and pediatlyte assumed their grim fate.
On the floor, toys laid silent, new gadgets, unfettered.
Santa's loot must be patient 'til the family feels better.

So we must apologize to all in this season of caring,
if more than mere presents our family was sharing.
And those who missed us, feel neither sad nor blue,
because our gift this Christmas was a horrible flu.


Jamie said...

I sure hope you all feel better (:

That was a very creative and cute poem (:

Laura said...

oh Kristi... I am so sorry if we gave that to you. We weren't puking though... we are just full of snot and goo.

loved the poem!

Laura said...

Yuck. Sorry to hear you were sick... hope you all feel better SOON! We'd love to see soon, too!

Christina said...

Oh no! Th flu really seems to be going around here. We've been safe so far, but I need to remember to get Cordy's flu shot ASAP. You're the second local blogger I've read today who has the flu.

Get well soon!

Kate said...

Great poem! I can commiserate - my son has the flu right now and hoping the baby doesn't get it, not to mention me or hubby! Must be something going around Columbus.

Jenifer said...

Oh man..... I have it now, have been sick since 2 days before Christmas. My children have not gotten it yet, I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop!