Monday, January 01, 2007

Sick and Sicker

The proverbial weather has landed it's big, fat behind right on my entire family. And like a Greyhound bus driver whose fallen behind schedule on the Cleveland to Atlanta route, it doesn't appear to be getting up anytime soon.

Last week, I was naive to think that there could be nothing worse than having sick children during the holidays. There is, as I now know. You can have sick children during the holidays and get sick yourself. Both of us.

So, we will lie here pitifully and hope a day of rest will help clear the skies above our home.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there! The skies will clear.

Kids Furniture Mama

Jamie said...

Yuck!! Chey and I both have colds, not to bad you guys sound much worse off):

Hope you all feel better soon (:

Josh said...

Is this an investment tip for Pepto Bismol?

It may be starting here? :(

Jenifer said...

I was also sick over the holidays.... very sick, like almost a trip to the ER for IV fluid to help dehydration sick.

Hang in there.

Kate said...

I can't believe all these people that are sick! My sons are sick, and there so much going around between the rest of my family, and so many bloggers.

Hang in there!!