Sunday, January 07, 2007

Dr. Aveline, Medicine Toddler

Apparently some of our household fruit has caught the plague. Our resident fruititician ran many tests, including the popular taste test, the smell test and the throw-the-patient-at-the-dog test, one I would have strongly advised against if I had been consulted. She was even so thorough as to take the temperature, which was dangerously low. Dr. Aveline, now in the third month of her citrus rotation, gave this poor navel a grim prognosis. He met his demise precisely at snack time.


Joel & Jamie said...

Send her this way, we need our fruit tested for taste.LOL.

Too CUTE!!!

Laura said...

bring her over. I will do ANYTHING for the DUO to eat something good for them. We are in a serious tater tot and pretzel rut these days.

Dr. Atkins would not approve.

" Maw-mee???
Tay-uh- tots and pretzies peez??"

Jenifer said...