Saturday, January 06, 2007

A Star is Born

Aveline, being 20 months old, has finally started chipping in on her living expenses.

A few months ago, we were contacted by someone producing a holiday special on TLC that would highlight the antics of people around the holidays. They found our video of Aveline opening Christmas presents on YouTube, and promised us $400 if they used the clip. I consulted with Dan, and after examining the paper work, decided to go ahead and give them permission. We sent them a hard copy along with the various release forms in mid-October. Having heard nothing about it since, we assumed they decided against using our clip.

Then we got a check in the mail for $400 on Tuesday. They must have used our clip.

We are searching TLC, but realize that since the show was geared for the holidays, it will probably not be rerun until next year.

So, keep your eyes peeled for our firstborn monkey ripping open presents on TLC.

A quick side note: When I uploaded the Christmas videos last year, I had only wanted to upload one clip. Fortunately, I uploaded two wrong videos before finally getting my intended video online. The clip that was used was one of the mistakes. It pays to screw up!

This is the clip that helped fix the transmission on our car!


Jenifer said...

Too cool!!

Who knew your daughter would be "discovered" on YouTube huh?

Jamie said...

Awesome!! Congrats on your T.V debut Aveline!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow!! Then maybe Grant's World has a chance too!!

kelly said...

WOOWHOO!!! She was so small in that video! Way to go little one!