Thursday, August 16, 2007

Family Corn Maze

This picture was taken on Tuesday. Each year my family creates a theme for the corn maze based on current events. This year, the maze reflects a volunteering trip that my father and many of his siblings took to Tanzania. Part of the proceeds from the maze will be donated to a small organization called LOHADA, which sponsored the orphanage my family worked at while in Africa. The money will go to directly help pay for the care of the orphans.

The corn maze opens weekends in September. For more information, visit Honey Haven Farm's website.


Joel & Jamie said...

Very cool!! Maybe one year we'll get to visit (:

Christina said...

That is amazing.

I hope we can have a big gathering at the farm again this year.

Uncle Crappy said...

That. Is. Incredible. The Wife and I may try to stop on one of our football trips to Columbus this fall.

Happily Anonymous said...

As stated before... very cool!

Laura said...

wow! I can't believe we have the technology to do that.. but then I still don't fully understand how TVs work either so.. anyway.

Can't wait until we get to visit again!

deb said...


The only real technology we used for the maze was the computer to find the clip art picture of the world. Everything was drawn by hand onto graph paper, then painstakingly (by Lauren and John) staked out with flags, followed by spray with a backpack sprayer (to kill the corn to make the design), then mowing with a ride mower. No GPS here; just lots of old-fashioned hard work!