Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Sweet, Sweet Smell of Victory (Appalachian State that is!)


Few things in life have brought as much joy into my life as the final few minutes of this last week's Michigan game. To see the Wolverines get pummeled numerous times during the last quarter of the game, to watch the hopes of all of the fans rise and fall like the last putrid breaths of their national championship dreams, was in a word, priceless. Do you smell that? That is the acrid odor of Llllloyd's behind being singed by his red hot flaming seat. The axe is up, mid-swing and ready to fall.

But, as gleeful as it would be to witness Llllloyd being shown the door, I hope it doesn't happen. As a shrewd Ohio State fan, I want to watch Jim and the boys take him down EACH and EVERY year. We have got to keep Llllloyd employed. Watching the Buckeyes dash the Wolverine's hopes of roses and BCS championships each year will just never get old.

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Uncle Crappy said...

If Lloyd gets canned, maybe we can set him up for a job coaching something -- anything -- at Florida...