Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pack Up the Kids...We're Moving

That is right friends and family. You may be wanting to start avoiding our phone calls right about now, unless, you have some strange affinity for packing, lifting, loading, painting or watching our adorable daughters.

We have found a job for Dan and we will be moving here soon. Dan starts on Thursday as a manager for a store in Wooster. We will be relocating to the Ashland area, closer to family, which was our decision after Dan was displaced in July. We are very excited for the new area and start. We just have so much to do until life will get back to normal again. Dan will be moving up there before the rest of us, staying at a hotel and then with family. The girls and I will be hanging around the old homestead, as I need to work and we don't have a place to move into yet up there. Hopefully we will get to join him by October. Until then, it will be me an my two shadows, all day, everyday. Here's praying I can stay sane.


Uncle Crappy said...

Ooo, that sounds like a lot of work at a time when we need Kristi to be concentrating on football. Hope it all goes well.

Jamie said...

You sure have your hands full wish I could be there to help out some how.

Christina said...

Wow, Wooster! I can't remember - is that closer to Columbus than Middletown?

I hope the move goes smoothly for you, and wish Dan the best of luck with his new job.

Any chance we'll see you sometime soon?

Tina, Brent and the boys said...

Wow, I was just browsing and I am blown away to see you are moving! Your blog is hilarious! Good for you guys! Prayer is definately what you will need with the kids with you all by yourself! ha ha! Please keep in touch...www.fiveburdens.blogspot.com

tina (from Bravo!)

Mommy, honey, woman, hey Lady! said...

Congratulations! Have fun.