Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's Potty Time!

Yep. That's right. It's time to potty. We are pottying it up big down here in M-town. Dan and I have both been anxiously awaiting the onset of toilet learning. We bought the potty chair, panties and pull ups. We read the books and have asked anyone with a successfully trained tot what their trick was. We feel we are fully prepared.

We have had the potty chair in our living room for the last few months. Beyond being a point of contention and battle for the sparring siblings, it has just collected dust or has been a jacuzzi party site for a slew of Little People. That is, until this week. Aveline, with no prompting from us, stripped down to her birthday suit, perched herself upon her plastic throne and twinkled. "Look! Look!" was all she said. That was Friday. She did that twice more yesterday and each time (four!) she twinkled today. All on her own. We are shocked.

After each success, we make a parade to the bathroom to deposit the deposit. We then ceremoniously flush and wash our hands. I think Aveline does it all just to play in the water for a few minutes.

Now neither Dan and I expect this to be it. We expect a few more months of hard core potty time until we have complete success. But it is a start, and we are starting to see the light at the end of the diaper tunnel.


Christina said...

Go Aveline! She's well ahead of Cordy!

(Hey, any word on the job front? Just curious how things are going with you?)

Aunt Jamie said...

Congrats Aveline!!Way to go great job!!

Now, call your cousin on the phone and tell her to twinkle in to the potty not on our floor.

Emily said...

Good job Aveline--Julia is in the early stages of learing. I can't wait for the day of no diapers.
Miss you guys!

Jenifer said...

Good luck...

We were day trained for 2 months, then Paige "decided" she didn't want to do it anymore..... now we go through like 7 pairs of pants a day...

Frustrating. Very. Frustrating.