Friday, November 16, 2007

The Game Eve

I have been mulling over this post all week, what I would write. I am still unsure. I am nervous for The Game, like any year. I dread the end of Ohio State football, which is what the game's end brings for a time. I just want to enjoy this day while it lasts.

Llllloyd will retire on Monday, undoubtedly trying to motivate his troops ala 1987 with Earle Bruce's untimely firing. Hart, Henne and Long, all back for one remaining reason: To beat Ohio State. Will these tactics finally be enough to push scUM over the edge?

I am mildly hoping that Oregon's loss last evening will be the first domino tipped in a long line that eventually leads to the Buckeyes returning to the national championship game. But, to be honest, I just want to see them go to the Rose Bowl this year. Much better parade. More tradition. Fantastic match up: Ducks vs. Bucks. We won't get tired of hearing that one, will we?

Of course, I may be ahead of myself. We still have to go to the Big House, beat the snot out of them and then I can start this silly bowl game talk.

Sorry so random. Brains smooshed by toddlers all day. More tomorrow.


Ohio State: 31
scUM: 23

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Uncle Crappy said...

Nope. Won't get tired of hearing about that one single bit.