Monday, November 12, 2007

A New Use for My Cell Phone

I guess it isn't really a new use, as I (and many other savvy mothers) have been doing this for years. Aveline has become impossible to diaper. She writhes and wriggles and suddenly a simple task has morphed into a dreaded, work-up-a-sweat kind of chore. Now I have used my cell phone as a pacifier of sorts, some forbidden fruit that entrances my child into a state of semi-paralysis so I can wipe a static target safely, without smearing you know what everywhere. But I have played that card so many times it no longer works. She merely beams it back at me (usually at my head) and continues struggling out of my grasp.

Today was a breakthrough day. I discovered that my phone can play live Disney Channel on demand. Hallelujah! I cued up Tinkerbell, handed the gadget to Aveline while she was flat on her back and went to work. This worked so well, I probably could have given her a pedicure and she would have not moved. My only concern is...what do I go to when the luster of Mobile Mickey Mouse runs dry? I hope that she will be potty trained before that happens.

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Jenifer said...

Good luck with potty training. We started with my daughter when she was 2 and a half. That was over 6 months ago and she still doesn't have it down...