Friday, November 09, 2007

Scarlett, 10224 hours old

Looking back through some of my older posts, I realized that I have not bragged about my children in quite awhile, thus causing my blog not to live up to its name. I will end the bragging drought now with news of our second born. It really is true what they say about the second born having less recorded information about her. I noted the color of Aveline's poop each day and I didn't even mention that Scarlett is now walking! God help our third child...he/she will have no record of existence at all. (Note to everyone that we are NOT expecting another one anytime soon. In fact, we aren't expecting any new family members until at least 9 months after Scarlett is potty trained.)

Scarlett is 14 months old today!

Things that she is doing:

She is walking! She rarely crawls and is working on her running skills. Usually away from Aveline. Or toward the fridge. My genetics are strong in this one.

She definitely an eater. She complains if she is locked into her high chair for more than 3 minutes without the offering of consumables. And forget about cooking with her watching (im)patiently from her chow perch. She is like a shark. If even a molecule of food escapes its container and wafts through the air, she wants it now. She loves cheese, oranges, bananas, peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and tacos. Really, she is my little cookie monster and will eat about anything that I put in front of her.

She has discovered that the trash can is a treasure cove for her. She has discover discarded gems like empty soda cans, egg shells, used napkins, all of which go directly to her mouth. Yummy.

She also has learned the fine art of the second child, surprisingly at a young age. That would be the art of blaming it on the first child. Specifically, doing something naughty and then while crying, toddling to mommy all the time leering at Aveline through her tears. This causes me to scold the first born and snuggle the second born. Sneaky.

She loves to cuddle. She will trot up to me just to be held and to give me a hug. She also gives her special kisses--wide open mouth, tongue out and press on whatever is exposed. I have started carrying a paper towel with me for post snuggle clean up.

Scarlett is now sporting 4 teeth. Not the cute two on top and two on bottom, all in a neat row. Instead, she has her two middle bottom teeth and then one of the center top teeth and one of her canines.

Scarlett is also learning to talk. Not quite as quickly as Aveline, but she is learning. She can say Dog, Bottle, Ball, Dad, and No, which is what she usually calls me. She also makes amazingly realistic motor sounds when she plays with her toy car or tractor.

Scarlett is growing tall and big. She was 21lbs and 30 inches tall at her one year appointment and is wearing all 18 month clothing.

Well, that is all for now. If I have time later, I will try to upload the backlog of pictures on our camera to show you how she looks now.


Jamie said...

Great update on Scarlett. I loved reading it.

Can't wait till we can finally meet her.

kelly said...

Yeah Starbit!!!! She is wonderful!! We miss you guys!

Jenifer said...

My son is also 14 months old.... he is quite similar except not talking at all and sporting 8 teeth :) Isn't it amazing how time flies, and unlike you we ARE expecting #3. Due in May.... 3 under 4, oh boy I'm in for it!