Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Teething Pains, Eye Goobers and the Scars of Childhood.

Poor Scarlett has been fighting both of these for the last week or so. She seems so miserable. She wants to be held a lot, often putting her head on my chest for comfort. I found two new teeth this week. And the eye boogers have been a constant nuisance since birth.

Add to this tandem a third irritant, Aveline and a fourth, the dry air forced out by our furnace. Life is rough when you are one.

She has also made the transition from all fours to primarily walking during the last week. She is not good at that, so she is sporting numerous bruises and scrapes from her bipedal adventures. I will have to take a picture of the poor girl. Though, I would be hesitant to post it, as someone would mistake her for an abused child.

Aveline had a run in with the broom yesterday. She was being a big girl and helping me sweep. The evil two year old in her took over and decided to use the broom to reach all things above her 3 foot grasp. I grabbed the broom handle and told her no. She turned quickly to escape, still clutching the handle, and the bottom part of the broom whacked her on the cheek. She has a lovely bruise there. Add to that her three inch scratch she has down the middle of her forehead,I presume from her fingernails that she will not allow me to clip, and she also could cause a social worker to knock on my door.


Jamie said...

It's rough being a kid.

PJN said...

I love your humor in being a mother.

Christina said...

We're in teething hell here, too. Are you using the Hyland's Teething Tabs? They worked for Cordy, and work a little for Mira, especially when combined with Motrin.

We should get together again soon! I'm sorry we weren't able to get out to the farm again before Halloween!

Jenifer said...

LOL... I call them toddler tattoos.

My son has them everywhere, primarily from constantly being knocked over from his eveil 3 year old sister!