Thursday, December 06, 2007

Holiday Photos and Holiday Cards

I have been trying to get some sort of a holiday photo taken of the girls. Usually easier said than done. Last week, I trekked to Rural King to take advantage of a mildly publicized Santa. My logic was a short line and photos out of the way. But, alas, he had headed back to the North Pole before we arrived. So I shifted my focus to take the pictures myself. I have been waiting for the perfect moment with two healthy, cheery children, a helper and a beautifully decorated house. This plan is slowly coming to fruition, but we have had some set backs. Both girls have had either bright red noses, scrapes and bumps on foreheads and cheeks or a combination of these, all blemishes I hope will not be gracing our holiday photos. I am ready to wrap them in bubble wrap and quarantine them until I can get a single fresh faced photo. My goal is to get the traditional holiday cards out with the bragging perfect photos of our children sometime before the holidays. Though I only think that those who have some overly complicated secret scoreboard going in their head, tallying the faux pas of others that violate some surreptitious code unknown to most real people, would notice if they came in the new year.

So I will trudge on to try to get those cards out. Be looking for them in a mailbox near you!


Jamie said...

Good luck to you!! We are going to attempt a family photo tonight, lol.

Chey needs bribed to pose most times, and will only allow one shot at a good one, lol. Rayna our little miss sunshine has been little miss crabby pants (teething and tired)so our photo session I'm sure will be stressfull and full of tears, lol.

Jamie said...
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Christina said...

We've been so sick this week that I decided to scrap the whole idea. I wanted to send out cards, but it just won't happen this year. Maybe next year they won't be so sick, and Mira will be able to sit up for pictures. :)

You take great pictures, though, so I'm sure you'll get a good one.

Kelly said...

Last year we got several "Happy New Year" was nice, the holiday lasted well into the new year!! I have a feeling, we'll be sending out New Year's cards this year, not Christmas.

Hey, it was great to talk to you on Saturday. We need to plan a "talk time" each week. I really miss you!! (oh yeah, Dan too)