Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holiday Photos

Thank God I opted to tackle these myself. I can only imagine what kind of scene we would have caused if we had gone to a professional place. I even enlisted my niece and my mother to assist in child wrangling.

Some of these will be showing up in a mailbox near you. Scarlett was just having a very bad day, she really is a funny, ornery baby.


Jamie said...

Awe!! They are still really cute!!

Anonymous said...

WOW they are sure growing up. And Pretty too! I cant believe how much Scarlett has changed!


Christina said...

The second picture is great. And they look so guilty in the first, like they're hiding some great plot they just pulled off.

kelly said...

I'd go with the second one! JK!! They are beautiful! Scarlett is getting so big, Aveline is too for that matter, but you can really see it in the wee one!

Emily said...

I love them all--I can't believe how big they have gotten