Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bowl Bonanza Blurbs

You know how you can't stand some members of your family? You fight, argue and complain about being touched or breathed upon on long trips. Even though siblings are the mortal enemy while growing up, if anyone outside of the family picked on them, you would be first to their defense.

This is the only analogy that helped me to understand my need to root for both Wisconsin and (*gasp*) Michigan yesterday during the bowl games. The talk lately about how the Big Ten is a weak conference and can't compete with stronger faster conferences like the SEC forced me to turn my inner crank outward. I rooted for MICHIGAN. Yep. And it felt good to see them give Urban Meyers and his juvenile delinquents all they could handle.

Some notes from yesterday:

***Ok. It is agreed that Bret Biliema has done great things in Madison during the past two seasons. But what was he smoking yesterday? Going for it on 4th and 2 with 4 minutes left in the game when you needed 4 to win?

***Apparently, Tebows can wobble and fall down.

*** Illinois should have played Hawaii and USC should have taken on the Bulldogs. Those two match ups turned into yawners before the first quarter had expired.

***Could Fox cram anymore commercials into the game? It was so frustrating to watch the Sugar Bowl last night. It felt like I was watching commercials with football interruptions.

***The commentators last night for the Sugar Bowl were awful. I muted them for the short time I did watch.

***Lllllloyd. It was good to see him go out on top and to avenge our loss last year. I hope someone thanks him for that. That would definitely irk him.

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Uncle Crappy said...

***As much as I want to back the Big Ten, I don't think Illinois had any business making a BCS game. Switch them with Missouri's slot in the Cotton Bowl, and you make both the Cotton and Rose a lot more interesting.

***I. Hate. Fox. I hate the commercials, I hate every single one of their announcing teams. They don't know college football, and they appear to assume that the audience doesn't know college football either. If I can swing it, I'll be listening to Musberger on ESPN Radio -- even if I have to do it online -- while watching Monday's game.

*** Lloyd deserved that last win. And watching Urban get madder and madder during the game was priceless.