Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Riding the Range

Aveline's love for horses is hardly a secret. Maybe that is why Santa brought the girls their very own pony to perch upon. It is fuzzy, bounces and even sings a silly little song--every toddler princess' dream come true.

Aveline has to wear daddy's hat while she rides Lucky, bouncing up and down, giggling while he sings his jaunty melody. Scarlett is our little rodeo queen in the making. She plopped onto him like a natural, tucking her legs behind her like a jockey and standing in her stirrups, posing in various trick riding positions. As you can imagine, Dan and I have been part of the Equine Equality group that has to closely monitor all horsey-toddler interaction, so that neither rider has accidents or too long of a turn.


Jamie said...

That is a great picture of the girls.

Laura said...

I agree... they're SO cute!!

Christina said...

Love the picture - Aveline's hair is gorgeous now!