Sunday, August 03, 2008

Potty Training, Day 356

By golly, I think she finally has it. Aveline has been uber stubborn when it comes to potty training. I have sat through many a discussion with other mommies, cycling through shades of green and red, listening to them chuckle as they mention how "effortless" or "surprisingly simple" this phase of child development passed for them. Meanwhile, coming up on the anniversary of the first potty success for Aveline, we are pleased to announce that she is Day Trained. Ok. So she's not fully trained yet, as we still don the pull ups at night. She puts panties on in the morning and if all goes well, they don't come completely off until night. We have had number one AND number two in the loo, a feat that allowed Ave's toes to be painted pink.

I didn't realize how long the potty training was taking, until I pulled out some panties we bought her at it's onset, and they are way too small! I guess we will have to save those for Scarlett. Speaking of the second born, she has started to show interest in our potty chair and has told us she needs to go, with no success. One time, she sat buck naked on the potty for nearly an hour, standing up only to pee on the carpet. That's my girl.


Jamie said...

Yeah for Aveline, congrats!! I bet your toes look pretty painted (:

Oh boy Kristi!! Almost there, soon no more diapers for you guys!!! Woo, hoo!!

We have one down, and a long way to go to be diaper free (:

Kelly said...

That's my girl!!! Way to go Aveline!

Christina said...

Congrats! That has to make you happy. You're so much closer to a diaper-free home.

Cordy is still not really trying. She'll go sometimes if we make her, but she won't independently think of it. It's so frustrating.

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