Friday, July 22, 2005

To Roll or Not to Roll....

Fridays are always long. I think it is because I know Dan will be home tomorrow for his weekend. I get excited, and as everyone who as a child had to endure Christmas Eve or the night before a big school field trip, when you are excited about tomorrow, today never ends. I think this coupled with the fact Aveline was being very clingy and hungry made it worse. I felt as if I never got off the couch, and that she never got off of me. She just wanted to be held and cuddled. I wanted to get a head start on our busy "organization weekend." Where is a Grandparent when you need one?

I think I have discussed before how Aveline is a morning person. A huge morning person. To those who know Dan, this should come at no surprise. She literally has a smile on her face before she wakes up. When she does finally open her eyes, she is cooing and laughing. I had to include a "wake up" picture so all of you could enjoy the breakfast treat I get each day! I'm pretty sure this morning person thing will end in about 13 years.

Aveline pigged out all day. Must be a growth spurt or something. We are ready for it, though. I think she has eleven 3-6 month sleepers. They are washed and in circulation. I am currently retiring much of the 0-3 month clothing. We had so many generous family and friends that now I have to remember what hand-me-down goes where. I guess that is a problem you would want to have. The 3-6 month sleepers are a bit long in the arms and legs. It reminds me of how we had to roll the sleeves of her 0-3 month sleeper her first night home. She really is growing!

Another sort of disconcerning thing is that my milk supply has started to decline. Still trying to figure out why. Instead of 54oz a day I was previously producing, I am down to 47oz a day. I still make way more than I need, but I want to stop this downward trend quickly. I have been trying to eat less, which is what my main culprit is at the moment. Vanity and those last 50lbs or so are doing in my milk supply. I am going to continue to investigate what is happening.

Aveline and I took a short stroll today. We mainly looked at flowers. My rosebush is overacheiving at the moment. She likes roses.

Dan brought home some old shelving units from Meijer's that were rubbish. They were the right price (free) and we needed storage in the basement. I laughed when Dan showed the shelving units assembled on the south wall of our basement. It looks like we live at Meijers! Maybe Dan misses the store when he comes home. The shelves even still have price tags attached. The nice thing is that they will keep our boxes off of the floor.

Once he was finished with that project, he helped me with lunch. We had grilled chuck steak with fire roasted vegetables (peppers, zucchini, onions and mushrooms) and we split a baked yam. It was so good! I made Crab Diavolo this evening so he would have a meal to take to work. We use the cheap imitation crab, tomato and alfredo sauce, spinach, mushrooms, garlic and canned tomatoes. A few pinches of red pepper flake makes it worthy of its name. It is really good! I also sent him a salad. We are trying to eat more salads and vegetables these days.

The big event of the day came this afternoon. Aveline rolled over...twice for me and once later for both of us. So it is not a fluke! She had rolled over at 2 months, but she never repeated it. Today she did the real thing. Tummy to back. She has been rolling tummy to side and back to side. Dan thinks she will be rolling back to tummy soon. She is also holding her head completely up when she is on her tummy. She is still propping on the elbows though. It was funny once she got onto her back, she was so shocked and happy. She started laughing and kicking. I took a picture after her 2nd roll.

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