Monday, July 31, 2006

County Fair Playdate

We braved the sweltering heat yesterday afternoon to catch up with one of my closest college friends at his county fair. The heat and humidity would have been a deal breaker, but his parents had a trailer with working a/c. So we went.

We had fun looking at the animals and watching his nieces show their hogs. Instead of the normal yummy, artery-clogging fair fare, we opted for ice cream. We spent most of our time in the trailer, which, after schlucking through the hot, dusty, hot midway, was fine with me.

His daughter Isabel is just three weeks younger than Aveline. Isabel is not as busy as Aveline, but loved to watch her. They acted like peas in a pod, those two. Instant friends. I think Aveline really liked her because Isabel didn't mind being tackled. Yes, I am raising a bully. They exchange kisses and fingers in mouths. And probably a lot of germs, come to think of it. It was a fun playdate.


Anonymous said...

Sound s like a good time. glad Ava has a close friend.

As for you prego ma ma, you're brave. Last year I was very prego and went out in the heat and passed out, threw up and earned a ride in a security golf cart. LOL

Glad yours was much less eventfull. LOL.

Joel & Jamie said...

Ooops for got to sign in . Duh... that was me Jamie. LOL

Laura said...

Oooohh... what is in the Wal-mart bag? Looks like they found a treasure.