Monday, February 05, 2007

What Drives Me Nuts...

Before any of you make some witty comment about it being a short trip, I will fully admit that I could probably walk there.

I will rant for a moment.

One thing that drives me nuts is when someone complains about their situation without considering how good they might have it. Some people are never thankful or grateful of what they have. I sometimes catch myself doing this very thing. I am always appreciative when someone reminds me how blessed my life is.

A recent example happened to me at work. A fellow server, a young man I will call Harry, is a father to a beautiful four month old daughter. Every week, he is begging someone to work for him so he can go four-wheeling or to a concert or to a sporting event. While attending these activities, he leaves his darling newborn daughter with his freshly wed wife, alone. But all of this is besides my point. This is a whole different layer of irritation. My apologies for the digression.

One day in early November, he practically skipped up to me, bragging that his uncle had gotten him tickets to the Ohio State- Michigan game, an event that I would have loved to have attended and would have cherished the memories for a lifetime, but could not afford. He began to complain that he would have to leave right after his shift the night before the game, leaving him no time to rest. And complained that he would have to sleep on the hard bed in his uncle's RV. And that he would have to get up at 6 am on game day to tailgate. And that the seats were in South Stands, not very favorable for any kind of perspective.

I am not rude to other people, unless I get tired of their ungrateful whining. I walked away mid sentence. The lack of gratitude ate a hole inside of me. Here, this young, selfish NON ALUMNUS was bitching about the trials he would have to endure to attend a game I will maybe only see four times in my lifetime, and would savor each uncomfortable, unfortunate event that got me there.

Once I regained my composure, I kindly explained to him what an honor it was to go to that game and how I would love to be in his shoes. He took offense and got angry with me. You see, he likes to be a victim and thought I was attacking him, even though I chose the kindest words.

I don't know if people like Harry will ever be truly satisfied with life. I think they will roll through life complaining rather than enjoying their situation. I am sad for the Harry's of the world.


Christina said...

Those people are sad, and there really is no hope for them. I try to avoid people like that, because that toxic personality tends to rub off.

And it burns me when people have kids but don't think they have to change their partying ways. I can only imagine how lonely his wife feels.

Emily said...

Harry grow up!!! I can't stand people who are "glass half empty". Just because they may be miserable why make everyone else???

Harry if you're ready enjoy the time that you have with your child, those moments are too precious to miss!!!

laura said...

yep- unfortunately, Harry is going to have to learn the hard way. That little girl is going to grow up whether he likes it or not.

Another big lesson....
He also needs to learn not to screw with Kristi when it comes to her football team.

You just don't do it!!

Guru said...

Oh, I agree so wholeheartedly. I think you nailed it exactly when you say that people love to play the victim. Imagine the horror of an uncomfortable bed and early rising to *have* to go to The Game.


And he should stay home with the baby sometimes and let the wife go out with the 4 year old... or just by herself!

Double Loser.