Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Up and Over

I was wondering when this day would come.

All of the baby books mention this milestone. Other parents proudly announce when their baby accomplishes this feat. Aveline finally jumped this hurdle Sunday night. It wasn't a gleeful "Me do it!" that tipped me off, but rather a dull and distinct thud from upstairs with a woeful "WAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" blaring over the baby monitor. She learned how to climb (fall) out of her crib.

For those concerned readers, Aveline is just fine. I think it just knocked the wind out of her. Nothing a little Mom and a sippy of milk couldn't cure. I, on the other hand, am a bit panicky. Aveline is very stubborn and persist ant. When she gets an idea in her head, she continues trying until it is done. Toddlers are a resilient bunch, sporting thick skins and skulls but a paper thin memory. I am worried that the memory of this fall will not quell her need to escape for long.

So, like many businesses, we decided to throw money at the problem. We went to our local Wal-Mart (*gasp*) and purchased a toddler bed. Originally we were going to transition her from crib straight to a full size bed, but decided to get the trainer bed instead, as she inherited my clumsiness and sleep-thrashing genes, making her genetically susceptible to falling out of bed. Once we get the bed set up, I will post pictures of it.


Christina said...

We're living parallel lives right now. My babysitter said Cordy climbed out of the pack n play for the first time during her nap today. Which means it's only a matter of time before she climbs out of the crib, too.

She took her first nap in her toddler bed this past weekend, by accident. She hasn't wanted to sleep there since then, but I think we're going to push it a little more.

Kristi said...

Let's hope that's the only thing we have in common right now. I'm not ready to be adding anymore tax deductions to my 1040 anytime soon.

Was it difficult to transition her?

Joel said...

Could always put a trampoline on the other side to make the landing a little more fun! Glad she's okay!

Laura said...

Ugh... let me know how this goes.. we are thinking about starting the process as well. Me no want to.

Uncle Crappy said...

We let Miles sleep wherever he wants -- on our bed, in the chair, on the couch, on the floor.

Of course, he's a cat, and can sleep anywhere. We're probably lucky he doesn't take naps in his litter box.

SMAC said...

We transitioned Rachel to her big girl bed and decided to go with a daybed and a guard instead of the toddler bed route since we could just use the same bed. We also got a trundle for it so that if we needed an extra "king" bed, we would have the space in our new little house. It's worked well for us. I looked around a little while before I found the right kind of guard, but I got one online and it's worked really good and it supports Rachel's weight as she too is a climber :) I'd be happy to pass along the info if you need it.

Jamie said...

We have Chey's toddler bed ready and waiting, we are hoping that we will not need it till we move to the new house.

I forsee Joel trying/using the trampoline idea first, lol.

Guru said...

All of our kids have fallen trying to get themselves out of their crib. Perfectly natural, not too much that you can do about it.

We had a toddler bed for my son, but he never ended up using it. He is now in our old queen-sized bed, while my daughters are in new bunkbeds.